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Suga - Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and Suga 'Wholly or Whole me'

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Me, Myself, and SUGA 'Wholly or Whole me’ Special 8 Photo-Folio is out for pre-order! Early reservations are now open with pre-order benefits queue.

Concept note for Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and SUGA "Wholly or Whole me’

A time with myself, a time to go back to my true self. SUGA of BTS living a glamorous life on stage.

The time arranged for SUGA, who believes the best moment he could go back to being no one other than his whole self as Min Yoongi is when he’s out camping on his own.

A camping trip to enjoy freedom in nature away from everyday life. A journey in search of his whole self in vast nature. A comfortable time at his haven filled with things he

Plus, SUGA’s on/off the record pictures he took by himself with a film camera! Find and see SUGA in the way he wanted to express himself.

Wholly or Whole me’ is solidly composed of a 80-page photobook reflecting SUGA's taste and intention, a mini poster, a folded poster, a stamp, a photo card, a random photo card and a special item- a compass card.

SUGA wishes to share with ARMY the time of him being is truest self in a space only for him where his taste and intention are reflected on each and every object and the entire theme of the photo shoot.

Containing the time of celebrating freedom in the wild nature of Los Angeles, Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and SUGA ‘Wholly or Whole me’ will be available for pre-order from February 21nd and released officially on March 9th.

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