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[Official] RM Indigo - First Solo Album

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About the full RM Indigo Album set

  • When purchasing Indigo (Set) with Book Edition + Postcard Edition (Weverse Albums ver.), 1 unreleased photo card, 1 photo card Elholder, and 1 tabletop postcard frame are provided.
  • If you purchase Indigo (Set) on Weverse Shop during the pre-sale period, you will receive a buyer's privilege and an additional folding poster.

About book edition

  • When purchasing the Book Edition, 1 unreleased photo card and 1 photo card El holder are provided. And more: 
  • 1 outer box
  • 1 book (100p)
  • 1 cd
  • 2 postcard
  • 1 photocard (random 1 out of 3)
  • 1 fabric card
  • 1 instant photo
  • First press only early ordersㅣ1 poster (folded, on pack)

About postcard edition (Weverse Album ver)

  • When purchasing the Postcard Edition (Weverse Albums ver.), one tabletop postcard frame is provided. And more - 
  • 1 outer box
  • 1 lyric book (32p)
  • 1 photocard (random 1 out of 2)
  • 1 postcard set (30ea)
  • 1 instant photo
  • 1 qr card
  • 1 user guide

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Delivery in Korea start date: 2nd Dec ~ 9th Dec

More details about RM's Album Indigo

RM's solo album called Indigo is officially here, and includes collaborations with various artists throughout the tracks. The teasers state 'The last archive of my twenties' and ' From the colors of nature, human etc' - so maybe there will be some new inspirations brought throughout Mono's 1st solo album.

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