Stray Kids - Special Album - Cle 2 : Yellow Wood [Normal Ver.]

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Hey there, Stray Kids fans! Get ready to dive into the world of Stray Kids with their Special Album - Clé 2: Yellow Wood [Normal Ver.]. 🌳🎶

This special album package includes:
- 1 Photo Book (Random 1 Special Page Out Of 9) 📖
- 1 CD-R (Random 1 Out Of 2 | Cle 2 Ver. / Yellow Wood Ver.) 💿
- 3 QR Photocards (Random 3 Out Of 45) 📸

But that's not all! If you pre-order this album, you'll also receive:
- 1 Poster (Random 1 Out Of 3) 🖼️
- 1 Yellow Wood Card (Random 1 Out Of 9) 🌳
- 1 Photo (Random 1 Out Of 9) 📷

Please note that the amount of the product will be written on the package. If you don't want this information due to custom inspection reasons, just leave a note in your order.

Stray Kids has been making waves in the music industry, with their chart-topping hits and incredible talent. This special album is a must-have for any Stray Kids fan, as it showcases their unique sound and captivating performances.

By purchasing this album, you'll not only get to enjoy their amazing music, but you'll also be supporting Stray Kids directly. So, what are you waiting for? Add this album to your collection and show your love for Stray Kids! 💛

Release Date: June 20th, 2019