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Beauty Of Joseon - Dynasty Cream

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Hey there, Beauty Of Joseon fans!

Introducing the Dynasty Cream - a moisturizing cream that will leave your skin feeling soft and tight. This cream has a unique texture that creates a thin film on your skin, allowing active ingredients and moisture to penetrate deep into your skin.

This cream contains honey, which was used by the famous beauty Hwang Jini during the Joseon Dynasty to care for rough skin. Honey has a sulfation effect that helps relieve inflammatory skin problems and keeps your skin hydrated. Ginseng is also included in this cream, which helps prevent wrinkles and pigmentation on your skin, keeping it moisturized and healthy for a long time. Safflower Seed Oil acts as a skin barrier, protecting your skin from external irritation and preventing moisture from evaporating.

To use, simply apply an appropriate amount to your face and pat lightly for absorption. Depending on your skin condition, take as small as a size of a bean. You can even mix this cream with your foundation by a ratio of about 1:2 to make your skin glow.

This product is ideal for all skin types and comes in a 50ml volume. The expiration date is 36 months after the manufacturing date or within 12 months after opening.

By purchasing this product, you are supporting the Beauty Of Joseon brand and their mission to provide high-quality skincare products. Don't miss out on this amazing cream - get yours today!

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