NCT 127 - Fact Check

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Hey there, NCT 127 fans! Get ready to dive into the world of Fact Check with their latest album release comprising a total of nine songs 🎉

Among them is the single 'Fact Check (Mysterious; 不可思議),' which is a rhythmic dance track centered around a captivating main synthesizer melody. This song reflects NCT 127's unwavering confidence as they fearlessly subject themselves to a 'fact-check,' measuring their own worth against timeless artistry.

Release Date for Fact Check by NCT 127: October 6, 2023

🎼 Track List:
- Fact Check (Mysterious; 不可思議) *Title
- Weightlessness (Space)
- Parade
- Angel Eyes
- Yacht
- Je Ne Sais Quoi
- Star Poetry (Love is a beauty)
- Shower (Misty)
- Real Life

💿 Album Contents:

- Cover: 130 x 130mm, 9 versions
- Folded Poster: 1 ea
- Postcard: 4 ea
- Sticker: 1 ea
- Photocard: 1 Random out of 9

Chandelier ver.:
- Sleeve Cover: 184 x 254 mm, 1 version
- Booklet: 128p

QR ver.:
- Cover: 62 x 90mm, 1 version

Photo Case ver.:
- Cover: 130 x 180mm, 1 version
- Booklet: 96p

By purchasing this album, you'll not only get to enjoy NCT 127's incredible music but also support the talented artists behind it. Your order contributes to their sales volume on HANTEO and CIRCLE, helping them achieve recognition and awards. 🏆

Don't miss out on this opportunity to show your love for NCT 127 and add Fact Check to your collection. Place your order now and let the music take you on a journey! 🎵