BlackPink (2nd Album) - Born Pink Vinyl LP

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Blinks! Are you ready to be born again in the colours of black-pink? Pre-order the BlackPink 2nd Album - Born Pink Vinyl only from #OppaStoreIN. ๐Ÿ’•

1. Pink Venom
2. Shut Down
3. Typa Girl
4. Yeah Yeah Yeah

5. Hard to Love
6. The Happiest Girl
7. Tally
8. Ready for Love

Blackpink's second full-length album, "The Album," was a highly anticipated release among fans worldwide. The group's signature blend of catchy pop hooks, fierce rap verses, and stunning visuals was on full display throughout the album's eight tracks. Lead single "How You Like That" showcased the group's dynamic vocals and impressive choreography, while "Lovesick Girls" offered a more emotional and vulnerable side of the group. The album also featured collaborations with artists like Selena Gomez and Cardi B, further expanding Blackpink's global reach.

The "Born Pink" vinyl LP release of the album was a special treat for fans and collectors alike. The limited edition LP featured the same eight tracks as the original release, but with exclusive artwork and packaging. The photo book included with the vinyl LP offered a closer look at the group's stunning visuals and stylish outfits. Additionally, the "Born Pink" vinyl LP included a special poster and other exclusive merchandise. The release of the "Born Pink" vinyl LP demonstrated Blackpink's continued popularity and influence in the music industry, and provided fans with a tangible and collectible way to enjoy the group's music.